Why Hire Frances?

In large part, the choice about who you hire to look after any aspect of your finances should be about trust. There are questions to ask, and refernces to check, but at the end of the day are you dealing with someone who can meet your needs, efficiently, professionally, discreetly and accurately?
These are all factors that Frances strives to deliver for all her clients. She also believes firmly in the golden rule that all our parents taught us: "to treat others just like you'd want to be treated yourself." Words to live by - and it's a succesful approach that consistently builds trust and grows relationships.
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"Bookkeeping is a universal point of pain for passionate people trying to pursue their dreams. They want to build their business, not do accounting - I can make that pain disappear."
Coming from the Toronto business world over twenty years ago, Frances successfully transitioned into the Vancouver market for a period lasting well over a decade... at which point, she decided to slow down and smell the roses -- which led to the decision to make her home on Vancouver Island.
Throughout her career, Frances has enjoyed considerable success and experience in finance, analysis, business development, management, human resources, media/public relations, strategic marketing and all facets of corporate communications. Over the past twenty years she has worked as a consultant with PricewaterhouseCoopers, Brookfield Properties, McDonald's Restaurants of Canada, Ethical Funds, Corporate Traveler, and a number of companies in the financial, alternative energy, industrial, retail and resource sectors.
She has always enjoyed an aptitude and demonstrated ability with financial matters, and her entrepreneurial outlook has led her to where she enjoys working primarily with small to medium sized business owners in a focussed, capable and professional manner that ensures her clients achieve targeted results.
A firm believer in community service, Frances previously volunteered as a mentor with the Vancouver Board of Trade and has a long track record of volunteering for a variety of community organizations including the United Way, BC Winter Games, Children's Variety Telethon and the Developmental Disabilities Foundation.
For the Heart & Stroke Foundation of BC, Frances currently volunteers to speak at women's groups about the risk factors and warning signs associated with heart disease and stroke. She also regularly and freely serves as a business consultant on various committees of personal interest.