The Right Stuff

Written by: Frances Murray

The IPBC says so too.  The following excerps from their article "Hiring the wrong bookkeeper can destroy your business!" says it all.

Can a good bookkeeper save you and your company money when working with your independent Accountant?  Absolutely!

First, and most important, a good bookkeeper will help you make sure that you don't wind up paying your Accountant's firm to untangle and reconstruct an accounting mess.

Remember that old adage, pay now or pay later?  Think of your bookkeeper as the oil in the engine and your Accountant as the mechanic.  Keep your books tuned up properly and they'll just need minimal routine maintenance at the year end.

Beware of unqualified bookkeepers - they can be a huge source of enormous accounting bills.  Sloppy record-keeping is the thorn in the Accountant's side and will cost you.

Don't let your engine seize - pay now!  Find a qualified bookkeeper.  Ask your accountant or trusted business colleague for a referral.  Most importantly, make sure they are certified - through the IPBC, community college, university or other recognized training facility.

Make sure your bookkeeper and accountant are on the same page - encourage a consultative, collaborative environment.  You will be glad you did!.