Who do we serve?

Corporate, Sole Proprietorship, Partnership, Not for Profit, Individuals

What if I have serious 'catch up' work to do?

No problem, bring it on.

I just have a simple tax return to file, is that too small?

No job is too small.

Can you tell me more about what you do?

Sure, you can get detailed and efficient services in the areas listed below. Plus, you'll have access to a thorough understanding of generally accepted accounting principles, procedures, business systems, and specialty software. The preparation of pertinent financial reports ensures concise, accurate data.  In addition, career experience working abroad, and accounting for multi-currency transactions is a unique area of value added service.

You will always receive absolute confidentiality, transparent communication and 24/7 accessibility.  Tailoring a service to suit your needs is always the goal.

Traditional Bookkeeping Services:

  • AR
  • AP
  • Payroll and related tasks.
  • Job Costing
  • Financial Statement preparation including all adjustments.
  • Preparation of Government Remittances (Payroll, HST, GST, PST).

Other Services:

  • Data conversion
  • Budget preparation, evaluation and coaching
  • Records Management - get your paper records under control with an easy to follow system tailored to your needs.
  • Systems Consulting - assess your processes and procedures to ensure you or your current bookkeeping provider are completing monthly tasks in the most efficient manner possible.